Fix bugs like a boss!

BugMuncher is the best way to receive feedback on your website. With BugMuncher annotated screenshots can easily be sent along with feedback reports, making it ideal for internal use, as well as getting feedback and bug reports from your users. Try it on this site to see how easy it is.

  • Easy Screenshots

    Easy Screenshots

    Highlighted screenshots are automatically created, no need for any browser plugins, not even Flash!

  • Privacy Protected

    Privacy Protected

    Users can black out their personal information, so their personal details stay private.

  • Information you need

    Information you need

    Feedback reports include browser name and version, a list of installed plugins, screen size and operating system details.

  • Plays well with others

    Plays well with others

    BugMuncher can send feedback reports directly to GitHub, Trello and others, or just email feedback reports to you.