The Feedback Tool with Automatic Screenshots

Don't make users describe problems, let them show you

BugMuncher allows your users to highlight problems on your website,
then automatically creates a screenshot and sends it to you.

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"We're using BugMuncher for a pilot of a software system we've been working on and we give it 12 thumbs up (total thumbs on project team)."


Killer Features

Quick & Easy Installation

BugMuncher installs in less than 5 minutes, no dependencies or browser plugins required.

Easy Cross Browser Testing

Screenshots are taken using the correct browser, so you can easily catch cross browser issues.

Full Browser Support

BugMuncher supports all major browsers and operating systems, even Internet Explorer 7!

All the information you need

BugMuncher captures data like browser and operating system, plugins, and the path taken through your site.

Customisable Feedback Button

The BugMuncher feedback button contains no branding, and can be fully customised to suit your website.

Simple and Easy to Use

BugMuncher has a simple, intuitive interface, so any one can easily submit comprehensive bug reports.

BugMuncher plays well with others

BugMuncher will send the feedback report, including screenshot and user information, directly into your inbox, or into any the following third party services. You can also use custom web hooks to integrate with countless other third party services, or even your own custom web app!

And more…

Vital Statistics

BugMuncher automatically captures the really important information that many users simply don't know, such as the name and version of their browser & operating system, the browser plugins they have installed, and the path they took through your web site.

You can also pass custom information about your users into BugMuncher, such as an authenticated user's ID. This data is then saved along with the feedback report and screenshot.

You can then use all of this information to recreate the conditions under which the feedback report was sent, meaning you can fix bugs quicker, and keep your users happy.

Keep your users happy

Imagine a world where even your most computer illiterate users can tell you exactly what problem they're having with your website, what browser & operating system they're using, the path they took through your site, and even which browser plug-ins they have installed.

No more email tennis with your users, trying to figure out exactly what the problem is, just fast solutions and happy users.

Does this sound like your idea tech support heaven? Then you need BugMuncher in your life.

See what others are saying about BugMuncher

Limkokwing University

Limkokwing University

"Instead of taking time building our own feedback system, BugMuncher allows us to focus on sharpening our site. Really helpful."
Dinesh Varadharajan

Dinesh Varadharajan

"A very effective way to get feedback"


"Extremely easy to set up, I'm glad it exists."
Richard Turrell

Richard Turrell

"A great user experience and looking forward to future products"


"We give BugMuncher 12 thumbs up (total thumbs on project team)."
Chris Laakvand

Chris Laakvand

"Web bug feedback tool definitely worth a peek!"